Work from 2024

Work from 2023

Drawings 2020/2021

Anonymous Swimmers 2019

During the month of August, I invited people via social media to have their picture taken in an inflatable pool in my mother’s back yard. I had 30 volunteers – some of whom were strangers to me – come to the very private yard and have a swim. Sessions lasted from a few minutes to about an hour. In every case, I got at least one remarkable photo.

The Orange Tornado and His Tie of Lies 2018

The Orange Tornado: Fabric, tulle, shrink wrap with various objects over a wire frame. 12 feet tall

The Tie of Lies: 60 foot long polyester red neck tie with marker

Wall of Resistance: 100 encaustic on wood hearts engraved with “Resist”

Created for Art-A-Whirl in my studio at Northrup King Building in Minneapolis, this installation was a depiction of the president of the United States. It was visited by thousands of people over a 6-month period.

Mythical Creatures 2017

Small porcelain sculptures including Myopic Cyclops, Martin Martian, Me Too, Mary Mermaid & Moonstruck

Love Birds 2014

Mixed Media painted wood with twisted wire. 10″ x 10″

Created as part of the show “Must Love Art” a Collaborative Exhibit by Barbara Gilhooly & Ayn Hanna, with ‘Heart Works’ by 75+ artists from 13 states
Sept. 3-20, 2014. 
200 Mathews Ft. Collins, CO