Thank you for visiting my website!

I closed my studio StylArena in Northrup King in May of 2020 and spent the spring and summer making and donating over 1000 masks and the fall doing voter protection in the south. Now that our Democracy is on firmer footing I have a renewed interest in making art.

I will also be using this platform to liquidate my remaining inventory of knitwear, accessories and jewelry as I desire to continue my work in voter protection rather than returning to running a gallery and wholesale selling.

I have also been donating inventory to targeted groups such as the Three Affiliated Tribes in North Dakota who are being ravaged by Covid. I sent them 250 pieces of knitwear I would have sold – retail value over $7500 – in honor of Elvira Ramirez, a wonderful young woman who lost her life to the disease.

Please help me build back my art business but also please give until it hurts at this terrible time. It’s not enough to just cast off your unwanted items, please do what you can to really help heal our nation.

I am committed to do everything I can to help vulnerable people and address the injustice in our country. Please help me help others.
✌️&❤️ Bridget